Bobbing For Apples

Ms Durnin and Mr Westra’s grade 8 class from F.E madill did a bobbing for apples assignment to collect data as a math project and to see which class got the bragging right. We did this on Halloween because it is one of the Halloween traditions in the gym at our school. The teachers arranged this and got all the supplies. We had a bin with water and two people went at the same time and tried to get as much apples as they can  in 1 minute.

1. Based on the graphs and the data that we collected our class would be the winner of the apple bobbing contest. For example, the first graph was showed the time for people to get there first apple so I took the mean of class 8a and got  1.17 and class 8B my class got a  mean of 1.33 so graph shows that we won. The second graph was on the numbers of apples captured in one minute our class 8A had 12 class 8B had 28 class 8B won that one too. To conclude, class 8B was the overall winner in the apple bobbing and also way better than class 8A

2. I think that next time they should maybe practice or come up with a strategy like us.

3. 8B is the winner.


Idea Hive Comparison

The Idea Hive is two class rooms 2700km apart that work together over the internet. So far we have completed a servey and had a skype call with Snow Lake, Manitoba.We will also be shareing pictures to see what everone looks like. It is fun to see what other schools do.

Something I have in common with Holly, Katie, Emily and Megan is that we don’t play an instrument.I am hoping play the trumpet this year. Those four people don’t play an instrument like me that are from Snow Lake. Hopefully they can learn to play an instrument like I will this year. I also, don’t have a pet like Angel and Justin from Snow Lake, but I want one.Something unique about me is that I am in a 4-H club and show a calf.

The person most like me from Snow Lake would be Justin.He has no pets, like me and his favourite sport to play hockey. He also, likes gym class like me. I wonder why he likes the habs so much?